News Flash: MSA leads the Digital Revolution

Lenders that partner with MSA have happier customers. Our legendary service is fast, professional and famously friendly. And now we are delivering our clients an end-to-end digital solution that is beautiful and simple.

From our mobile VOI App through to digital loan documentation, MSA’s Sign2Settle technology allows for seamless integration with DocuSign and PEXA that delivers an unrivalled end-to-end solution without touching a single piece of paper. Click below for more information.

NEWGen Digital Documents

MSA Announces Roadshow

MSA Digital Revolution Roadshow 2017Paperless mortgage documentation and settlements is revolutionising home loans. Will you be part of that revolution?

Join us as we tour throughout Australia to demonstrate the latest in electronic technology, from VOI, e-Signing and e-Settlements all without touching a single piece of paper. MSA’s solution facilitates a seamless experience for lenders, brokers and customers right up until; settlement - faster and more efficiently than you can ever imagine.

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"Brokers & Lenders who partner with MSA have happier Customers"