Compelling Reasons to Choose MSA National

MSA National is an Australian Law Company with over 20 years experience in the mortgage industry with offices in each State capital, specialising in mortgage documentation and settlements services.

Our approach is to develop partnerships with clients on all levels, including cultural alignment and technology integration. Operationally we have a full end-to-end solution in each State, supervised by a director/partner. Strategically, we offer a single point of contact nationally for relationship management, system integration and reporting.

Join the select few lenders around Australia who consider MSA’s service the best of the best. Anything else is a compromise.

1. Commitment to Personalised Service
Each file is managed by one paralegal responsible for the loan, where the borrower is domiciled, from start to finish. This means we can fulfil vital local operational support (e.g. the urgent collection of documents) and a seamless process for cross-border transactions.

2. We Think Nationally but Act Locally
Our national business model gives you the best of many worlds.

  • It provides national consistency for fees, processes, documentation, technology interface and online reporting.
  • It provides an end-to-end service solution with full operational capabilities.
  • It provides business continuity (with no time zone limitations) in the event that one office in unable to perform services due to force majeure events. For example, with the 2012 Queensland floods, vital services, such as document preparation and settlement co-ordination were diverted to other states.

3. E-Conveyancing
MSA National has been a member of the Steering Committee into Electronic Conveyancing since 1999 and continues to play an active role in the development of e-conveyancing. We are in close contact with PEXA and NECDL and in conjunction with our technology partner GlobalX, who were the first to sign the heads of agreement with PEXA, we are developing our capabilities to meet the needs of the changing market. You can rely on MSA to be part of the solution for your future e-conveyancing needs

4. One Point of Contact for Relationship Management
We offer a single point of contact for all of your high-level relationship management needs. Your senior Relationship Manager is your senior point of escalation and is a National Director of MSA National who will ensure that any changes to documentation and processes is filtered throughout our company.

5. MSA National’s New Generation Documents
Since implementing MSA National’s new generation documents in early 2012, our clients and their borrowers have benefited from a substantial improvement in the customer experience, which has translated into significant reduction in customer signing errors, reduction in inbound telephone queries and shorter turnaround times for the return of executed documents.

6. One Point of Contact for Technology
MSA National’s IT platform makes dealing with us quicker and easier. It provides a single national interface into MSA National for instructions, back-channel messages and reporting. This ensures service consistency across all customer touch points (especially mortgage documentation templates). All work performed by MSA National is transparent on our online LoanTrak or can be sent via XML back to the lender’s own online portal.

Our IT and workflow management systems are highly secure, advanced, automated and can be tailored to your requirements. We successfully utilise XML technology to achieve straight through processing, which has eliminated the risk of manual keying errors. It ensures accuracy, quality and national consistency in everything we do and in every document we create. Most of all it provides transparency.

7. Customer/Loan Writer Experience
Mortgage documents and processes are tailored for the customer experience. Everything we do is about how the customer feels. Our interactions, whether by letter, email or phone, is on a level that is friendly, easy to understand and always professional.

8. Loan Writer Training
MSA National conducts ‘legal’ workshops that are incorporated into a lender’s own training program. This commitment to joint training has been an essential component of our successful partnership with many of our clients over the past 8 years. We find that continued education is essential in better managing loan writer and customer expectations; especially when it comes to new loan writer recruits.

9. The MSA Customer Experience in a ‘Virtual’ World
MSA National recognises that customers require more ‘virtual’ handholding. That is, they need to be updated throughout the process via telephone, SMS and/or email. Customers get nervous when time lapses without hearing from the lender, so MSA National communicates with customers by phone, SMS or email at every step of the way.

10. Risk Management & Compliance
All MSA National work is solicitor-certified. We have a commitment to high quality risk management and compliance. Documentation and certification is audited by qualified solicitors using MSA National specific checklists and MSA National checking protocols. We have not had a negligence claim lodged against us since commencement in 2005. MSA National has an exceptional record for the prompt return of security packets to all trustees. This is an enviable record among our competitors.

"Brokers & Lenders who partner with MSA have happier Customers"