A company’s culture is measured in two ways: firstly, by its willingness to listen to client feedback and secondly, by its ability to handle customer problems and issues as and when they arise.

The MSA National Directors foster a culture that projects a professional yet friendly approach to dealing with borrowers and all stakeholders in the mortgage process. We believe this is easily achieved by adopting a policy of ‘listen first, talk later’.

This approach automatically wins customers over and makes them feel important. Nationally, all our staff implement this policy with enthusiasm.

MSA National has an excellent reputation for great customer service not because we do not experience any of the problems that frequently occur in a mortgage transaction, but because of our solution-focused handling of such matters.

Our approach is simple: we give problems our immediate attention and escalate them to the appropriate level within our company, we implement a solution without dwelling on blame or fault, and our operations managers always look to implement strategies to avoid the reoccurrence of problems either by improving customer educational material or making changes to the system.

"Brokers & Lenders who partner with MSA have happier Customers"