MSA National’s IT platform makes dealing with us quicker and easier. It provides a single national interface into MSA National for instructions, back-channel messages and reporting. All work performed by MSA National is transparent and accessible to Lenders, Brokers and Loan Writers on our on-line portal, LoanTrak which is fully integrated with our workflow management system. LoanTrak allows you to monitor the progress of each matter, review file notes, correspond directly with the paralegal responsible for the matter and generate reports.

In 2017 we launched our new document management and workflow management system (SLICK) and in 2018 we built a new LoanTrak portal that is your window into our new SLICK system. The new LoanTrak provides significantly more functionality and information about each transaction including details about the loan, a progress bar, a collaboration and messaging centre for communicating directly with the paralegal responsible for your matter, detailed file notes, quick filters and a document centre with access to all documents issued by MSA National to the borrower. If your lender has migrated onto SLICK, then click on the New LoanTrak link below to view details about your loan. If your lender has not yet migrated onto SLICK, your matters will continue to be available on the Original LoanTrak.

To login to the Original LoanTrak portal please click Here

To login to the New LoanTrak portal please click here

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