What people are saying about MSA

"A big pat on the back for her help in a number of electronic signups. You always respond with quick, honest and effective answers.

I am actually looking forward to doing business with MSA. Onwards and upwards."

John Tindall - Accumulus Holdings

We love what our customers have to say about us, below are just a few of the great comments we get every day.

I am writing to you as I have had the most incredible customer service experience and I would like to take the time to send some words of praise about one of your team members.


I called up on Wednesday of last week in a mad panic because the settlement of our remortgage looked like it was going to be delayed even further than it had been. I just needed someone to take ownership and make things happen.

I call him Superman - he did exactly that. He was unbelievable from the minute he answered my call. He told me he would look into my account and call me back in ten minutes. He called me back in ten minutes. That may sound like a small thing but it is so important to a customer and the great service just continued. He sorted out the issues and took complete control and followed through to ensure settlement happened on Friday - which it did.

He went above and beyond the call of duty and kept me informed every step of the way which was another extra stand out point. I didn't have to follow up, I completely trusted he would do what he said and he did. The regular updates kept my anxiety levels in check.

Seriously, an amazing experience. He should be commended.

Happy to provide more details if you need but please know you have an incredible person on your team. Outstanding.

Cathy MacMahon


I just wanted to send you a quick email to commend you on one of your awesome staff members.

I know how often people will tell you when things are bad, but it is rare that anyone will take the time to give praise where praise is due.

I had an urgent settlement for a young couple that are due to get married in 1 week and I was having a really hard time getting settlement booked (through no fault of MSA). MSA are representing the outgoing OFI.

I contacted MSA and spoke with the same team member on a few occasions to try and hurry the process along and he did everything he could to make this settlement happen ASAP.

He went above and beyond my expectations. He was always extremely friendly on the phone and did everything he could to get this settlement booked. You should be very proud and appreciative to have a staff member like him, an attribute to MSA.

I look forward to dealing with him again in the future.

Liz Weaving
Finance Broker



Just wanted to share some positive feedback one of our BDMs received from a Broker about you, as a staff member of MSA. This deal settled successfully on Friday. A good way to start the week!

I would just like to take up a little of your time to let you know about your performance in the last few days. As you know this was a challenging file, and needed to be settled in a very short time frame (almost impossible).

Over the last two days you went above and beyond any expectation that any of us involved could have had.

You have been in consistent contact between myself, Barb and the Solicitor, so that this file would make it to settlement, in what we all thought would be near on impossible.

You showed incredible patience, understanding and phenomenal skills in your area of expertise. You excelled in your role and should be commended for the gargantuan efforts you gave this file, to get it over the line.

We could not have asked for anyone better to work on this file, as you just made it work. We are all incredibly grateful for the effort you have put in over the last few days assisting us in every way possible.

You deserve thanks and recognition.

Andrew Prakash, Lawyer
Macquarie Bank


Hi gang!

Thanks so much for your wishes.

I am proud to win from a field of 10 high calibre Bank BDMs.

But I must say a huge thanks to the team at MSA; two critical factors in the success of a BDM is their internal service and support, and also the support from our partners (you).

I always tell brokers that it’s my job to make them look good and it’s our Ops team and MSA’s job to make me look good - and you do.

Thanks again for the awesome work you do in supporting me and my brokers, and going the extra mile without hesitation when we need it.

Richard Galvin
Connective Essentials


We found DigiDocs easy to use and straight forward. We have small children so anything that is quick and easy is a win for us!

Danielle Nefaa

DigiDoc was really good and easy to use. I was so worried about waiting for documents to be sent out so I was so happy to receive digitally and it was so quick!

Mal BartleyTamuka Nungirayi

First time I have used MSA system! Very impressed with information at my finger tips in real time!. Best system I have used in 20 years. But a system is only as good as the real people behind it!.....So to all behind the system thank you for making this a wonderful experience. Special thanks to Suzannah Kain for her quick responses and professional assistance to make this happen.

Mal Bartley
Director - BFA Finance Pty Ltd

I just wanted to take the time to write to you this afternoon to provide so positive feedback regarding a 4 ladies there at MSA.

There was an escalated case that required immediate attention. Without the assistance, urgency and ownership to resolve the matter from 4 staff today we would have potentially been exposed to further escalation and complaint.

They were all instrumental in ensuring the required priority was applied to the account. Their hard work enabled the required docs to be processed, checked and sent in a matter of hours. The end result is we were able to satisfy one of our Customers that had made some significant noise around their account. Their input directly impacted our customer’s positive experiences and helped RAMS resolve the matter without negative exposure.

Please pass on my recognition to all four ladies and I hope you have an internal recognition program that can be utilised to really highlight their valuable commitment and assistance displayed today. Yes we are very impressed with your excellent service. We get constant updates on every file and that’s good for us.

Susan Navarro

I am very impressed!

This wasn't an everyday deal with two deals in at the same time... between me, you and Sally in WA we got there!

Susanne Spencer
Home Loans Brokers

Thank you for your help guys. This is a great wedding present for them.

Andrew Larcombe

Just letting you know that I was very impressed with your service as you kept me aware of how the deal was progressing all along the way.

Peter Lyons

Thanks so much for your help! I really do appreciate the help in calling the broker and looking through this for us.

Jess Vaiano

Awesome! Thank you so much for letting us know and for everything you've done to get this deal settled early and so smoothly. Truly appreciate all your hard work.

Kristel Ongoco

Dear MSA

I received confirmation today from a client’s solicitor that settlement did occur this afternoon.

I would just like to say a big “thank you” for all of your help. I believe without your input we would not have been able to settle today. You went above and beyond to make the settlement happen today and I received positive feedback from the solicitor as well (who is a referral source of mine). You were able to sort things out.

I always recommend the appropriate loan for my client and would hope in the future that we can work together again for any Choicelend loan recommendations. I have copied in my BDM and PDM as I hope this e-mail will reach your manager and section head to show my appreciation.

Lee Forde

Thank you once again for stepping in to save the day. While this is an outgoing one the service is still very important.

Appreciate your help.

Greg Bartlett
Seek Home Loans

I was impressed with the speed and efficiency of the service and the information provided at each point without me having to ask.

Roger Ferreira
The Finance Tailor.

Brilliant work appreciate the support,

Simon Sutterby
Geelong Financial Services.

You guys are superfast. Thank you for prompt turnaround times. Regards

Gihad Ali
Quest Lending

It’s been a while, so I thought I’d send through some positive feedback.

We have been under the pump lately with loans going nuts and we’ve been saying how great MSA have been. I have been very impressed just this week especially. Your team has really gone above and beyond to help us with our settlements.

Big high five for you guys!! Really appreciate how hard you work for us!!

RAMS Ballarat
RAMS Ballarat

Thank you so much for the fantastic team work guys! The client will be thrilled with the outcome.

Paul Maraia

Very happy with the service provided by yourself and MSA. You were only too happy to answer any questions or concerns I had, and fix them. Thank you for your much appreciated assistance!

Karen Christie
Aussie Broker

You are wonderful, thanks for your prompt service.

Aitesh Kumar
Aussie Broker

Your service has been exceptional and I appreciate all of the assistance you have given in the past and the assistance yet to come with our pending settlements. Thanks for great service.

Aussie Neutral Bay

As always excellent service, I appreciate that you are always responsive to my questions and are always on the ball.

Peter Horton

Just a big thank you for getting the docs out to the clients. They have already docu signed them and the mortgage doc will be witnessed today. You guys are the best….nothing is ever a problem!

Susie Cotton
Lendwise Solutions

You always do a great job! Thanks for all your help. I’ve been working with MSA National for 8 years, you guys are the best!

Mark Hardwick

Thanks to all involved in the processing of this loan application. The application was received on Monday, was approved that Wednesday, and then settled on the next Monday. Very impressive! Thanks team for delivering a fantastic result. Much appreciated.

Michael Johnson

YOU ARE THE BEST…. Thanks again.

Tina Costi

Thanks for everything. I was very impressed with your service and look forward to dealing with you again.

Mark Prosper
Regional Finance Solutions

WOW! That was some achievement team! The loan docs were signed so quickly. Well done to all involved.

Julie Chengo (Levy)
Aussie Franchisee Singleton & Cessnock

We have had an exceptional experience with MSA, with service and support provided. On behalf of myself and the client we thank you.

Ross Wilson
Y.i. Finance

Thank you once again through a very trying settlement, looking after my client and keeping them informed. As always, very happy with your service and my clients appreciate being treated as a person, not just another file.

Geoffrey Stephenson

Thank you for your excellent service as always.

Estelle Waterhouse

And YES I was impressed with the service you provide - AS ALWAYS.

Vaughan Fowler
Aussie Franchisee

I can’t thank you enough for all your help with this file. Everyone at MSA has been amazing. I really appreciate the fact you have gone above and beyond to get this to happen.

Brenton Hunt
Lifeline Financial Services

Thank you. You are a superstar with your quick responses.

Sharon Pryde

I’m impressed with the service and assistance we received to help arrange an earlier settlement of this Loan, in order to assist this Client’s special needs. Thank you.

Bernie Kepars
Blue Chip Mortgages

Truly Amazing! In less than 24 hours we have received app, assessed, sent docs and had executed return docs.

Adam Brown

A big thank you for going above and beyond at such short notice. You are a “miracle worker”. The customers and I are very grateful.

Terry Barnes

Your Sydney office has gone way beyond the requirements to assist in getting a settlement to occur. It could easily not have settled. This file has been a real challenge, but responsive, proactive and exceptionally polite staff at MSA made it happen.

Brenton Hunt
LFS – Lifeline Financial Services

You’re a Legend ! I’m always impressed by your service!

Thanks so much for looking after these two families with their settlements!

Druvie Lorenz-Daniel
Finance Square

As usual your service has been fantastic and we always appreciate your help as we know you look after things and you always keep us informed.

David Moodie

Thanks for the update. Always impressed with the service and support you provide. Hope you work on all my Macquarie deals!

Karen Christie

I’m more than impressed I’m eternally grateful.

Michael Bloom

Great news. Just want to say a huge thank you to both of you for your support with this. I know we were working on a tight timeframe and this will be a big win for us.

Mel Braganza

Please pass on our thanks to her as it makes a massive difference for us, our broker and our clients.

Richard Galvin

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent service myself and my clients received from you, consistently. I really want to thank you! I have never had a bad dealing with MSA and you are always fabulous!

Thank you so much! Looking forward to working with you in the New Year.

Alana Magee
Director – Finance Professional

Just wanted to pass on my appreciation with the work in the discharge settlement team. They are extremely helpful and willing to go the extra mile in achieving a deadline. The level of experience is paramount and the level of service is well beyond expected.

It’s very rare when dealing with discharging lenders, because they have little regard for assistance in matters that don’t involve a purchase. But MSA’s assistance and clarity around processes and timing, was invaluable in us getting the matters over the line. A huge thank you, it has done wonders for the reputation of MSA.

John Leighton
Nectar Mortgages

I just wanted to call out to staff at MSA for their work on getting this settlement booked and finalised. There were multiple bankers, associates and business contacts to communicate with, and this was finally booked by our deadline.

They were in constant contact with me during this time so I knew exactly what was happening and where this was at. Appreciate the ownership and getting this client across smoothly and without delay. Thanks again!

Bec Barrett

Just writing this email to thank you for all your hard efforts. You have gone above and beyond to make sure my files settle without any issue. You have been prompt, very understanding and are a great asset to the MSA RAMS team. Thanks to you all for your hard efforts.

Milad Farah

Just wanted to share some positive feedback from my experiences today with one of the Paralegal's at MSA SA. My client was having a few issues executing her loan documents. Your staff member was emailing my client this morning to assist. The client then dropped the documents into MSA SA and then your staff promptly emailed the client.

I am really impressed with the customer service.

Andrew Prakash

Thank you so much yet again for all your assistance in regards to having this matter settled. Your assistance in this matter was outstanding and our clients have now gone away on holidays. Very grateful for all of the help we received from your end.

We look forward to future dealings with yourself and MSA.

Melanie Donaldson
Honeycomb Wealth

You have become our go-to person at MSA for our Macquarie deals, and we really do appreciate all that you do to assist us in getting them settled! Enjoy.

Samantha Martin
Mason Roberts

I would like to thank you for getting this deal settled and would like to let you know that I was super impressed by your efforts. I appreciate all the hard work put in by yourself and your team. I look forward to doing more business with yourself and MSA.

Salim Rahmati

I have been OVERLY impressed with the efficiency and assistance provided by MSA. Dealing with the major banks for so long I haven't had any dealings with MSA, but I'm pleased to say I wish you were looking after a lot of other banks also :)

Sharyn Burgess
Mortgage Choice

Thanks, always impressed with the service offered by MSA National.

Chris Straw

We were impressed with you and the team at MSA with regard to the service for settlement delivery. Look forward in working you all again soon!

Harold Dakin
Dakin Investment Services

Well done to the MSA team. Very quick and efficient service from the moment approval was provided by the lender. Appreciate your assistance.

Robert Cribb
Dare 2 Compare

Thank you all for your efforts in getting all the loans settled yesterday. It was a great team effort in getting this over the line....what seemed impossible initially. There is a happy customer so good work by everyone! Your personal involvement and passion is clear!

Vinay Singh

I would also like to make special mention of your young settlement clerks who come in to attend settlements. They are always courteous and helpful. Please pass on my compliments to their manager.

Andy McNeill
Spectrum Solutions

Thanks, great job on this convoluted file.

Ron Daniel

I would like to say a very big thank to you 3 ladies for getting this settlement over the line for today. My clients and the rest of the family is over the moon!

Barbara O’Shea

Both Aussie QBN and I greatly appreciated everything you did on this one. Thanks again for everything you do.

John Loukadellis

Geez, you are so proficient. I wish everyone was like that. You’re on my team from now.

Astute Consulting Group

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your assistance in getting these turned around so quickly, especially on a Friday afternoon.

Pietro Sciotto
Avenue Financial

I would like to thank you and the MSA team for your sense of urgency given our clients desperate need to settle this coming Monday.

Between our branch, RAMS credit, our regional manager and your team we made it happen. This my friend is why we are in our chosen field, I'm sure.

Vas Nikolovski

I can’t thank you enough for your input on this file. You exceeded our expectations and were simply just awesome! You delivered on promises and made the whole process very easy.

Keep up the good work guys!

Manjit Walia

You have been extremely helpful this whole year! You truly represent MSA’s values.

It’s not just his great personality, but it’s his honest and helpful manner is what stands him out. I know each year we have busy periods and stressful times, but he is always eager to help when he can and is honest if he can’t. He finds the best resolution to any matter put in front of him. He is a true leader and it is always a pleasure working with him.

His team are all wonderful and it is a reflection of a great Team Leader.

Jean-Louis Pascale
BF Money

Thank you. I would like to say that we are very impressed with your service levels - seriously cannot fault you guys. We've submitted two applications this month (our first two with LMG) and they've both been smooth sailing. Will definitely be sending more business your way :)

Janay Schapira
Loan Market

Thanks so much for your help with this one Natasha. I’ve had a few brokers today say how great you and the Adelaide office are.

I really appreciate everything you do for me and my brokers!

Sandy A Basso

She is just a real pleasure to liaise with whenever I have any issues or enquiries for Advantedge related files. Deserves to be recognised at MSA.

Carolyn Luck

Thank you for all your assistance on this matter. It was great to work with you and the service and feedback you provided to me was of the highest order. Finally great to get to a settlement.

Glen Buckley
South Shore Finance

You kindly helped me out on this matter to get it booked earlier as I was overdue for settlement. I can’t thank you enough, the clients had the funds 2 hours after settlement so the Real Estate agent got his money before the 5pm deadline on the Monday– THANK YOU! It was one of those deals where they were at risk of losing the property so THANK YOU AGAIN!

Nicole Oldland
Money Quest

Fantastic, thank you for all your great work to get to a settlement today, given all the amendments, it is certainly appreciated.

Robert McMillan, Sinclair Wilson

I was very impressed with your service, you went above and beyond on this one. Thank you very much for your work and all your help.

Chris Dobbie
Loan Market

Sensational job! Thank you very much for the prompt attention.

Greg Morton
MFC Mortgages

Would just like to tell you how much we appreciate your efforts. You are always very professional, extremely efficient and thorough with all of our matters. We have many loans going through MSA and it is wonderful to have someone that gives exceptional service we can always count on.

Gayle Moran
Admin Support Officer

Thanks for the update, you were great through the certification stage. I LOVE when we have to deal with only ONE contact with MSA. It makes files move very smoothly.

Kathy Jones
Invest Blue

As always, a great service from MSA. Thanks for all your help throughout. Keep up the great work.

Diane Yeates
Our Mortgage Options

Thank you for getting back to me. Much appreciated. I appreciate that you replied to me, not that you had to. But this shows the difference of true client care, not that you are working for us, but you have seen the true fairness in all of this.

Mrs Tracey Lee Ross

Thanks so much for confirming the loan has settled. I think you all did an amazing job. Everyone was very helpful and worked hard to ensure this settlement happened without delay. Thank you to you and the MSA team for making this happen!

Leah Anderson
Leah Anderson & Associates Finance Specialists

Thank you for keeping me informed during the settlement process. The communication and progress was efficient and professional, it helped me manage the client’s settlement expectations. I look forward to working with you again soon.

David Suen
Aussie Home Loans

I just wanted to take the time to say thanks and express that I appreciate your prompt and friendly service. Helping push through the special payment is A grade service.

Paul Willis
Transport NSW

I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks and appreciation of the service provided by your team members. In the past 24 hours you have gone above and beyond standard service levels to assist us with the above discharge matter. We cannot praise you highly enough.

Harry Inns

Outstanding service! You put FMS, Gardens, SAIG etc. miles behind!

Stanley Duan

I would like to share the great experience that I had with one of your team. You take the extra mile, by owning a complex problem and being very patient, helpful and resolving complex issues.

Most other team members from various institutions, don’t have such a fantastic attitude and willingness to assist. I praise all your efforts and I’m very grateful for all your help.

David Chia
Yellow Brick Road

I just want to express my gratitude for the assistance he provided in having a file settled last Friday. It was quickly escalated to a total disaster and pending complaint, to the Credit Ombudsman due to incessant delays that were causing the client money loss and personal distress.

MSA took control, called the client and also spoke to myself then the settlement was effected promptly. He is a valuable member of your team and turned an extremely unpleasant experience into a satisfactory result

Wanda Rowan
Personalised Mortgages

Thank you for being so prompt with my case. I am very grateful for your efficiency and professionalism. I am thankful you have understood my need to have this done quickly, and I really value that. Thanking you, and I hope I can work with you again.

Juanita White

I have been in the industry since 1985 and cannot speak highly enough of the service and efficiency of MSA. I would like to personally thank you for your efforts. You have been an absolute pleasure and professional to deal with, going over and beyond my expectations. Thank you.

Finance Consulting Australia

Thanks for letting me know and for all of your help on the most difficult files. MSA’s service is always excellent, but you have gone above and beyond the call of duty with this one.

Gary Huggins

Thanks again for your support and every wonderful MSA staff’s efforts. I wanted to acknowledge their impressive capability to handle urgent deals. I especially want to say thank you all for managing to settle this loan on last Friday. The customer just returned docs on last Wednesday. Your staff are patient, nice, knowledgeable and willing to help in many instances!

All in all, you all are brilliant! I have no doubt that we all will work well in the future.

Daniella Pan

I just wanted to let you know about the outstanding service your staff members provide us with. You managed to get a settlement booked in after a lengthy delay with the incoming lender. We had a related purchase settlement which had numerous delays to which our client was hit with penalty fees and interest due to not being able to settle on time.

You were able to assist in booking in the required discharge settlement when required. Thanks to your efforts here, he saved the client over $200 in extra penalties with your ‘can do’ attitude.

I only wish there was more people like you out in the finance world!

Gary Rowe
Mortgage Choice

I reached out to a staff member in your office yesterday when I was having trouble getting a settlement booked in.

She instantly responded to my email, then scheduled in a phone call for a specific time. She called back when she said she would and committed to a follow up call the following day at 10am. Due to her persistence, she managed to get hold of the OFI case manager and persevered with them until she made a booking. She called me straight away today to inform me of the situation.

I feel she has gone way above to ensure that we received a timely result. As we all know, booking in discharges can be tiresome. This could have potentially dragged on for another week or so, but due to her efforts she has turned around the client experience to be an incredibly positive one.

She fully familiarised herself with the file so she knew the full scenario. We are extremely impressed with the level of customer service she has provided and her delightful manner and email tone has made her a pleasure to deal with.

Polly Hoynes-Robson
Loan Market

You are awesome! I appreciate your response and professionalism. The information provided is so insightful. Thanks again.

Highswan Nelson

Thank you for all your help and support on this file. We love your work!

John Gilan
Blue Tongue Finance

I was impressed! You are amazing and have been so helpful from beginning to end – and fast! It’s all about the client - easy to see you understand this well. Thank you so much. Very much appreciated.

Josie Prasad
Astute Financial

I have been so impressed by your efforts in getting this file to completion at the busiest time of the year and can only give you the highest praise for your excellent customer service. You responded with super quick actions in getting documents issued.

The service from MSA has been nothing short of outstanding in the handling of this matter.

Paul Kiely
PFK Finance

I find the MSA National process exceptional. Everything is kept up to date. I'm always aware of what's going on and for me, each time the settlements have been flawless and the staff so helpful. I love dealing with you and your team.

Nicole Green
Unique FP

Thank you for your email and your notification. I appreciate your time and continued support for our mutual clients.

It has been a smooth process as always and thank you for all your help.

Focus Broking

You are ‘tip top’ and such an amazing asset to MSA. Keep up to great work I really appreciate all your hard work, attention and efforts each and every day!

You constantly give your all for each and every one of us - it is your effort, attitude and mindset that genuinely makes you the glue that keeps not just us as a client, but all clients working happily with MSA.

Melissa Mackie
Blue Bay Home Loans

On behalf of Pro Choice Conveyancing, I just wanted to give you some feedback on one of your employees at MSA National. He is an absolute pleasure to deal with and always makes sure he can go above and beyond to ensure we can make the file settle on the due date.

Every time we call your office and speak to John, he just makes our office feel so comfortable and relaxed as he reassures us that he will make sure everything will go through smoothly. He deserves to be recognised for his outstanding service and we are very happy with him and dealing with MSA National. Thank you

Pro Choice Conveyancing

Just sending a quick email to say the following

You have been brilliant with your customer service yesterday, you took my call, (listened to my rants and frustration), and you took responsibility and ownership of my query, and you followed it up with the discharge being ready for settlement today.

I am not good at writing compliment, but you did go far and beyond with your customer service.

Greatly appreciated.

Supreme Settlements

I just wanted to put in writing how incredibly impressed I was with the way you handled this settlement.

Your style is incredibly proactive, efficient and clear, whilst keeping a personal empathetic touch that makes all the difference to what could be potentially stressful processes.

Thank you for your professional expertise and friendly service in the settlement of this loan and I look forward to working with you again.

Tina Djoulfaian

Hi all,

Just a quick thanks to all involved for getting this deal to settlement. The effort shown to get this across the line is greatly appreciated and wanted you all to know it.

Loan was approved yesterday (Tues 10/04) at 4pm and this afternoon the loan offer documents were issued/signed/returned and the settlement is now booked for Friday 13/04. Great result! Thanks again,

Michael Johnson

Thank you for the email and update. That is great news. I am just replying as I am definitely impressed with MSA's work on this file. Your people helped out a great deal. Thanks again for your help.

Michael Vasilaras
Loan Market

I can’t begin to tell you how happy you have made one little lady, and moreover how much angst and grief you have saved me. Have a great day and thank you for your personal overseeing of this matter for me.

Kieran Davies

Thanks to you and all your Staff for the professional service you provide. It has been a great pleasure and privilege to know you. It has been a great year in 2017, and will be better and bigger in 2018.

Sam Kassar
Kassar Financial

Just wanted to let you know how great you were in looking after this urgent RAMS advance matter for my clients in readiness of settlement this afternoon. They were efficient and very communicative. I sincerely appreciate their hard work to make this happen in such short notice. Thank you, great team work!

Carmen Silva
Silva Conveyancing

I would like to thank you and the whole team at MSA. These files have not been easy to get to settlement and you have done an excellent job. I thank you for your assistance

Colin Casey
Aussie Home Loans

Thank you very much for getting this to settlement within 2 days of receiving the original documents. Both myself and the client are very appreciative and given the time of year even more so. Enjoy the weekend and again thank you for the speed involved, and for making it happen.

Deb A Silver

I would like to thank you for your diligence and persistence with this matter. The matter was complex and you persevered. You gave us feedback and your communication with this matter was greatly appreciated-keeping us in the loop at all times.

Your professionalism, diligence and expertise is greatly appreciated and overall a great outcome for our mutual clients.

Karen Ralph
Bliss Conveyancing

Thanks so much again for all your assistance with this one. I understand that you have been having to field a number of calls and emails from this client and myself and you have been wonderful to deal with throughout.

Just want to congratulate you on your excellent service and phone manner. Very timely with getting back to me/client and just really polite in all of my dealings.

Robert Clements

This is an email to let you know what an amazing team you have. Our office is set to break what we believe is a Rams record this month in settlements. This would not have been possible without MSA, but mainly the team we deal with on a daily basis.

You are just so helpful and amazing. You are so much fun to work with… what a great team.

Ryan Gair

I just wanted to share the below email from one of my brokers, regarding the great work that you have done. I do appreciate all the work you guys do for us, it is a “breath of fresh air” dealing with an organisation that cares. Thank You!

Karen Jones

We would like to advise we have been over the moon with his service. His services have been amazing, we are so happy to be dealing with a professional.

He really is one in a million.


Just wanted to provide some very positive feedback regarding a recent situation at MSA.

We were very close to having a breach of contract due to a deposit bond issue with a young couple purchasing their first home (fast track). The couple had to apply for an extension to allow time for us to get 2nd Mortgage consent from the clients’ guarantors – which was going to take a long time, putting their extension and deposit at risk. You were able to liaise with NAB in NSW, me, settlements and the consent team at St George and we were able to get their deposit bond in one day before their deadline. The clients were absolutely amazed and very grateful. Now we are on track for settlement and all parties involved are feeling good about moving forward.

Really want to say a big thank you for your amazing work on this one!

Joshua Ebbels

I usually do not write emails like this but the amazing customer service I’ve had over the phone and in person deserves recognition. Your staff have been so polite and outstanding on such a difficult file. It is really nice to experience service like this and is very much appreciated.

Ana Sijercic

I would like to praise one of your staff members. He has made the process of a discharge booking easy. He has been efficient and has gone above and beyond. I have had to call him a few times and each time he has been patient with me and chased what needs to be done. Thank you for providing a great service and having my file run smoothly.

Kylie Mason
JNT Legal

I hope you know we appreciate it. Even our clients know you! We tell them how much you help us at the final stages of their loan. Truly, thank you for what you do.

Warren Freeman

Thank you so much for sending this Settlement Letter through and providing a smooth transaction process for settlement.

I look forward to dealing with MSA in the future.

Patricia Yovanovic
Territory Finance Group

One of the major reasons we chose to go with this lender was because of MSA's legendary settlement service. I recently completed a survey initiated by a lender and put MSA right on top.

Navjeet Singh Matta
Gain Homeloans

I am extremely impressed with the service I have received from you. You certainly have gone over and above my expectations. You always kept me updated promptly and efficiently, nothing was too much trouble for you. You took the hard work out of settlement. Thank you once again, it has a pleasure dealing with you.

Leanne Maree Correia
Aussie Home Loans

Appreciate the smooth and efficient service from MSA and in particular you personally.

Nicholas Spolding
Advance Finance

My experience with MSA National is always brilliant. Nothing is ever too much trouble for you guys and you always exceed my expectations. Thank you MSA!

Kim Johnston
Nectar Mortgages

Just some quick feedback. MSA is one of the easiest firms to deal with, very organised and helpful. Makes life easier for new brokers like myself.

Thank you

Sachin Nair

Many thanks!

Dealing with MSA is an absolute pleasure compared to other organisations.

Bob Wales
Aussie Home Loans

I just wanted to take some time this morning to relay to you some fantastic customer service from your staff. I am an AFG Broker and have been doing financial services for the past 40 years (27 years banker, 13 years Broker).

Please pass on my congratulations on a job well done.

Greg Parkins
GJP Financial Services

"Brokers & Lenders who partner with MSA have happier Customers"