VOI: A Selfie for your clients? MSA Launch VOI App.

MSA Launches ‘best in market’ Verification of Identity (VOI) App.
Secure - Simple to Use – ISO27001 Certification.

idyou VOI Mobile App

MSA National has become the first Australian law firm to launch a verification of identity mobile phone App that simplifies the VOI process for lenders, brokers, franchisees and loan writers. Aptly named “IDyou” the App puts the verification of identity experience in the palm of your hands.


Copying and scanning is eliminated and amongst many other features, you have the ability to use your iPhone or Android to take photos, upload identification documents and submit to any lender, on a secure web platform, all in a matter of minutes.

“MSA launched the product for its own internal use for customers collecting home loan documents and title deeds from our office. The mobile App was so popular that we decided to share it with all our lending partners and their mortgage brokers.

Stamping out identity theft and giving our clients the tools to guard against this are something MSA are very passionate about. We are here to help our clients work through these processes and help mitigate risk.” Says CEO, Ayhan Baba.

For more information contact George Kogios on 0401 727 303 or Anthony Aupek on 0456 835 660

MSA VOI App IDyou: Demonstration Video

MSA National VOI mobile App - IDyou

What is IDyou?

IDyou is a mobile application that can be used on your iPhone to verify the identity of your clients for mortgage transactions. IDyou lets you take pictures of your client and their identification documents in order to satisfy VOI regulations. IDyou’s intuitive system understands the VOI category requirements and guides you through simple steps to ensure a standardised and compliant VOI process within your office.

Why use IDyou?

Changes to legislation across Australia have placed stricter regulations on lenders, brokers, franchisees and loan writers when conducting lending activity. Many states have already implemented Verification of Identity regulations for all loan transactions.

Verification of Identity generally requires the lender, broker, franchisee or loan writer to:

  1. conduct face-to-face interviews with the clients;
  2. view and store copies of current, original identification documents; and
  3. confirm that the client bears a reasonable likeness to the photos in their identification documents.

Storage of the copies of these sensitive identification documents places great responsibility on you. Through IDyou, MSA National offers secure storage of all your VOI documents. All the data you input into IDyou is encrypted and stored on certified secure servers avoiding the risk of loss or theft, and ensuring the security of your client’s information.


  • Compatible with iPhone (iPhone 4s and above and running Apple iOS version 8.4)
  • Intuitive system that understands the identification category requirements
  • Generates a secure VOI report for you to retain in your records - Allows you to save incomplete identification data and finish orders at a later time once all identity documents are received


  • Creates a standardised, secured and streamlined verification of identity process
  • Allows you to maintain face-to-face contact with your client during VOI, creating a more personable experience
  • Integrates with existing practice management systems to capture search costs automatically and save time on rekeying data
  • Gives you complete control of the VOI process - you can verify your client’s identity in any location without having to rely on third parties
  • Saves time by eliminating the need for document photocopying and physical filing
  • Securely stores your VOI records for 7 years
  • Encourages compliance with new VOI requirements


  • IDyou requires you to enter your MSA National username and password each time you open the application
  • MSA National complies with the ISO27001 Certification for storing data
  • MSA National does not rely on any external parties
  • Documents are transmitted and stored securely to a private cloud provided database which is only accessible to a few highly privileged MSA National administrators
  • Photos are not stored locally in your phone’s photo gallery, they are saved in secure app storage until verified

"Brokers & Lenders who partner with MSA have happier Customers"