Supporting SMSF Lending

MSA National provides the 

following services:

  • Preparing and settling the lending documents
  • Reviewing the SMSF Trust Deed and Security/Holding Trust Deed
  • Creating the Security/Holding Trust Deed, if and when required by the customer
  • Proactively meeting with your primary trust deed providers to preapprove their trust deeds allowing you to benefit from discounted review fees

A Typical Self Managed Super Fund Lending Structure

SMSF Diagram

  • The SMSF Trustee must be permitted to borrow under the SMSF Trust Deed
  • A separate company entity is required to hold title to the property on trust for the SMSF
  • A trust arrangement deed is required (between the SMSF and the property custodian) specifying the roles and duties for future asset acquisitions by the SMSF
  • The vendor must be an unrelated party if residential property is being purchased
  • The SMSF has beneficial right to the property (title transfer normally affected on full loan repayment)
  • The SMSF must be able to service the loan from its own income sources
  • The bank takes a mortgage which is limited in recourse to the property asset only - all other SMSF assets are protected

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