ARNECC’s new announcement makes life easier for brokers in this new pandemic era

Great News for Brokers Using IDYou! Remote VOI is here to stay, for the foreseeable future.

Earlier this year MSA and other industry bodies made a submission to ARNECC seeking to preserve the “reasonable steps” test to identify a person. ARNECC was seeking to change that to a strict VOI in-person standard.

ARNECC has now advised “the proposed amendment to the VOI regime requiring Subscribers to first apply the VOI standard prior to utilising reasonable steps will no longer form part of MPR Version 6.” -See attached for full wording.

The current pandemic was the catalyst for ARNECC to pivot and allow for remote VOI video-conferencing, to meet the needs of the customer. We suggest that this new standard will continue for many months, if not years as we enter this new pandemic era.

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